Greco Gres Group with the environment


Sustainable solutions for a better future

Grupo Greco Gres constantly strives to improve the quality of people’s lives because we truly care about people. We look after the environment because we want to provide a better place for all the people working at our factories, for the residents of Alameda de la Sagra, for our customers, and for everyone installing our products all over the world. Because we want to build a better world for future generations by caring for the planet that we all share today.

We’re in the century of environmental awareness. Technological advances enhance our quality of life but also highlight the delicate balance of the environment.

Ever since we opened our first factory over seventy-five years ago, we’ve been committed to reducing environmental impacts throughout the lifespan of our products.

Today we’ve updated our logos to underline our deep-rooted dedication to a better tomorrow and share it with society as a whole