Our brands

Our brands

El Grupo Greco Gres somos una respuesta integral de calidad en el mundo de la construcción. Una familia de marcas unidas con un único propósito, la innovación en los materiales para una vida más confortable.

Frontek, Venatto, Klinker y Argos, cuatro marcas que conforman un grupo de garantía de calidad, innovación y garantía.

Frontek is an exclusive piece of self-ventilated, double-walled, extruded ceramic. It is the preferred by architects for ventilated facades: great hardness, lightness, high strength and durability, low water absorption, good behavior against climatic and environmental agents, and a wide range of aesthetic options.

Made of porcelain material by extrusion, it has an alveolar design that reduces weight, increases its versatility and improves energy efficiency.

The revolutionary ventilated facade system with extruded porcelain pieces. Alveolar structure with great resistance and durability that allows a great improvement in energy efficiency.
All the advantages of the Frontek system with a flange on the edge that is placed on the anchoring system for the best aesthetic finish.
The state-of-the-art ventilated porcelain façade in large-format pieces of up to 1,000 x 3,000 mm that allow projects with spectacular aesthetics and the highest energy efficiency.

It is our line of large-format porcelain pieces. Nobody does it the same. We can reach up to 120 cm x 300 cm and can also be used both indoors and outdoors.

They are specially designed for flooring and countertops and we will surprise you with the most avant-garde designs.

Elegant technological porcelain flooring suitable for interiors and exteriors that offers a multitude of possibilities with its wide range of finishes.
Large porcelain pieces available up to a size of 1,200 x 3,000 mm, perfect for innovative environments and kitchen countertops.

Extrusion manufacturing has unmatched technical and aesthetic characteristics: the highest degree of hardness on the market, resistance to the passage of time and a wide range of finishes and textures.

At Venatto we created the Arttek, a new generation of extraordinarily beautiful floor and wall tiles, with finishes that reproduce the natural beauty of wood, cement and stone like no other.

Activate the senses with the different textures in this range, from grooved finishes to non-slip safety surfaces.
A world of possibilities with Arttek porcelain pieces. From warm woods to the minimalism of cement, passing through the elegance of stone finishes.

Enjoying the aesthetics of rustic stoneware with the advantages of the latest technology is possible with Klinker Greco. A material designed with natural materials and manufactured without enamels or additives that gives it a unique look. Its technical qualities are guaranteed with a state-of-the-art process and rigorous quality control.

Its perfect finish offers elegant surfaces for exteriors and interiors and its versatility means that it adapts perfectly to the most demanding projects. Its success in the construction of large surfaces, restaurants and shops is more than proven.

The latest technology and tradition come together in this range of rustic stoneware that offers the best quality with a traditional look. Natural raw materials in a finish without enamel or vitrified.
The Biome collection is committed to nature with its shades inspired by volcanic lava flows. The perfect option to add character to any project.
The intense red tone of this collection takes us to the vast African plains. A classic, natural tone, perfect for countless projects.
Collection inspired by the great dunes of the desert that conveys serenity and spaciousness, ideal for indoors and outdoors.


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