Our values and history


What drives us

We are driven by the innovation we have in our DNA. The innovation, for us, is the beginning, not the end.

We work to bring the products and services to meet the needs of the sector, specially the latest and emergent ones.

We are looking for a challenge, which is always an opportunity for innovation, improvement, and growth.

How we are


We know that work for other demanding professionals and we always meet our commitments, resolving fast the problems and needs of each client.

Detail experts

We have a long tradition of innovation, quality, and personalised service. We can respond to the most exclusive requests because it is part of our identity. We dare to do anything.


We get involved with you and accompany you throughout the process, from start to finish.


Communication with our clients is part of our essence. All information, dealings and commitments are clear and facilitate the smooth running of projects. We believe in communication and listening.

Our history

Greco Gres Internacional, S.L. has a long ceramic tradition in the construction sector. We started with a factory in Alameda de la Sagra (Toledo) in 1940 and today we distribute our materials all over the world.

The high quality of our products is the result of a culture of innovation rooted in our origins. Innovating to improve has led us to be pioneers in essential construction systems in today's buildings... and surely, also in tomorrow's buildings.



With this culture of innovation and research, we changed the concept of the ceramic industry in the region by committing ourselves to the manufacture of extruded paving with the best technology available at the time. This is how we created the first Klinker Greco Natural Rustic floor tile, which today has become the main benchmark for rustic stoneware in the sector.


We once again brought a new technical vision to the ceramic tile sector: the extrusion of low absorption ceramic tiles. We achieved a combination of unlimited colours and textures that had been impossible until then.


We inaugurated the Venatto factory, the first in the world capable of developing extrusion technology without glazes. We achieved a product with unequalled technical and aesthetic characteristics. It stands out for its excellent quality, the highest hardness on the market, its resistance over time, and an extensive range of finishes and textures.


We are committed to the development of ceramic products focused on new construction requirements and we develop two ventilated façade cladding systems with ceramic tiles.

This is how Frontek was born, the exclusive self-ventilated double-walled extruded ceramic tile with which we conquered the world. Its excellent technical qualities have made it the ventilated porcelain façade of choice for architects: great hardness, lightness, high resistance and durability, low water absorption, and good behaviour in the face of climatic and environmental agents.


We continue our commitment to innovation and open a new line for the production of large format pieces under the Argos brand. The design possibilities take on a new dimension with colossal pieces that can reach up to 3 metres in length.


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